Troubleshooting & Known issues

Windows operating system language

A known bug is attributed to the language of the operating system running Gemini. The default repository is configured for systems running in English, and systems running other languages may be subject to this issue.
When attempting to run a pre-defined scenario in Gemini, the camera will show a flashing grey screen.
The current solution is to uncomment line 22 in Gemini/Gemini-Unity/Assets/Scripts/ScenarioGenerator/ReadCSV.cs.
elem = elem.Replace(".", ",");

Running simulations in Unity without running ROS

Many of the networking scripts in Gemini rely on communication over gRPC. If these scripts are run without a server to communicate with, Unity is known to slow down and freeze.
To resolve this, either run both ROS nodes normally (ros_client and ros_adapter), or alternatively disable certain scripts. Disabling the 'SensorRig' asset, which is a part of the 'NjordVessel' model, and the 'Nav Client' script on the vessel allows Unity to run simulations without ros_adapter running. Disabling the 'Force Control Manager' script on the vessel will allow for running without the ros_client node running.