3.2 General Requirements

3.2.1 Simulator

As mentioned earlier the digital competition uses Gemini, which is an off-spring of the game engine Unity. Teams are required to use Gemini to compete in this challenge. Njord’s Gitbook will give all the information including installation guides of necessary software. It will also be regularly updated with the newest information regarding technical specifications and software updates.

3.2.2 Hull Specification

The teams will be given the same hull that was used during the previous digital challenges, a picture of the hull can be seen below. An addition to the 2023 competition is that teams now have the possibility to change the cosmetic design of the hull. Having the option to put on team’s sponsor logos and their own unique design can give them a more sense of ownership to the competition.

3.2.3 Cameras and Lidar

A new feature to this year's competition is the possibility of deciding the position of the different sensors in the simulator. There are in total 4 cameras and 1 lidar which can be put where the team think they can get the best situational awareness. More information on how to position the sensors will come later.