.csv Control

Until the launch of phase 2, vessels can only be automatically controlled using .csv files. Included is a guide for running included scenarios, and how teams can create their own.

Running a scenario

In the 'Njord' scene, select the 'Scenario Server' object in the menu to the left.
In the menu on the right side, ensure the bottom-most script 'Scenario Server' is selected.
The 'Size' parameter can be adjusted to match the number of vessels you would like to control simultaneously. Each vessel must afterwards be matched with a vessel object. Clicking the circle next to one of the elements brings up a list of all the objects in the scene, where 'NjordVessel', 'Finn' and 'Havfruen' are three vessels you can choose from.
The 'Scenario Number' slider can be changed to run different scenarios. The number corresponds to the name of the .csv file located in the /Njord-Platform/Gemini/Scenarios folder.

Generating new scenarios

Our team is working on a dedicated tool for generating scenarios. In the meantime, teams can do the following to customize scenarios.
Navigate to the /Njord-Platform/Gemini/Scenarios folder and open one of the Scenario#.csv files. The format shown can be imitated to create custom scenarios. Each vessel requires 3 columns of data, one for x-position, one for y-position (both in meters) and one for heading (in degrees).